SwitchProxy for Firefox 2

Switchproxy is one of my favourite firefox extensions. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for firefox 2. It works though – just a version check, and someone has hacked the installer.

I’ve put a local mirrored copy here.

Update: I wish someone would do the same for Diggler – looks like there is a replacement called Diggidig.

Update 2: You can bypass firefox version extension checking, details here.

Update 3: 10th November ’06 – Blimey 7000 downloads and counting!

Update 4: I see a sanctioned release of SwitchProxy that works with FireFox 2 is out: 1.4.1

Update 5: Someone has hacked SwitchProxy for Firefox 3 – here’s a local mirror of their XPI file

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I have hack the version of the diggler. But I only manage to get the version 0.8, not the 0.9. If u can provide me the file of 0.9, I can hack for you.

About it will function or not, is depending on the extension itself. I cant guarantee it will work well, nor I can said it won’t work.

U can try yourself.

Btw this is it:

Sure u need to download first then drag it to extension in firefox. As u mentioned in the comment, I believe u know how to do it.

Feel free to contact me through

i was waiting for update to for firefox 2
this my favourite add-on

saudi arabia

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