Improve Virgin SuperHub wireless signal

The Virgin SuperHub has a very weak wireless signal, to improve it you have 2 options:

#1 Replace the SuperHub with a new Router

  1. Buy a better router, I recommend buying one with “Dual Band” such as the TP Link TL-WR2543ND from¬† Amazon. This also has 3 external antennae.
  2. Configure your SuperHub in Modem mode (also known as Bridging mode) – details here.
  3. Connect your SuperHub to your new router with an ethernet cable. Note all other wired connections are now to the new router.
  4. Configure your new router (set wireless password, etc).
  5. Connect to your new wireless network!

Note if you are an advanced user, you might want to replace the firmware on the TL-WR2543ND with OpenWRT for extra performance & features – this is not user-friendly however.

 #2 РUse PowerLine

Powerline adaptors allow you to route the network over your home electricity wiring – see here for more details. This is only suitable if the device you want to get connected has an ethernet port (ie – not an ipad, iphone, etc).

  1. Buy some PowerLine adaptors – you’ll need a pack of two to start with, such as the TP-Link TL-PA211KIT from Amazon.
  2. Plug one adaptor in close to your SuperHub / Router and connect with a network cable.
  3. Plug the other adaptor close to your PC / laptop and connect with a network cable.
  4. Disconnect from the wireless network on your PC / laptop.


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