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AltSQL. AltSQL is a way to improve your user experience with mysql, sqlite3, psql and other tools that Perl has DBI drivers for. Currently written for MySQL only, the long term goal of this project is to provide users of … Continue reading

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Despotify & SqueezeServer

Why hasn’t someone come up with a plugin to link the SqueezeServer & Spotify? One way to do this would be with the opensource cross platform despotify project – unfortunately there are no perl bindings for it (it comes with … Continue reading

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Print field x in a space separated gzipped logfile

In the below case x is 2 (numbering starts from zero). gunzip -c access.log.1.gz | perl -ne ‘@a=split / +/, $_; print $a[2].”\n”‘

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SpamAssassin has a year 2010 bug!

Y2K10 Rule Bug – Update Your Rules Now! 2010-01-01: Versions of the FH_DATE_PAST_20XX rule released with versions of Apache SpamAssassin 3.2.0 thru 3.2.5 will trigger on most mail with a Date header that includes the year 2010 or later. The … Continue reading

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Perl jobs spam

James- You should know ahead of time that this is email is as personal as possible considering how many are receiving it. So if you hate these things, just delete it and rest assured you’ll never receive another one like … Continue reading

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MyMP3db – stream your mp3 collection via flash

MyMP3db This script (along the lines of Apache::MP3) will display your MP3 collection as a searchable, browseable, streamable website. Think: iTunes for your web browser. Stream your music from anywhere and without installing anything. Installed it – works great! Installing … Continue reading

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