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Fan death

Fan death – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An urban legend states that when operated in closed rooms, electric fans cause sudden death, suffocating victims by stealing their oxygen. W T F?

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NoReplyAll Stops Outlook Users from Burdening Your Inbox

The NoReplyAll plug-in simply adds two buttons to your composition window in Outlook: “No Reply-All” and “No Forward.” They do exactly what you’d think, at least among your fellow Outlook recipients. The reply-all and forward buttons are grayed out when … Continue reading

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HeadLightSoft – DeTune

HeadLightSoft – DeTune. Copy songs from your ipod / iphone to your mac easily.

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Miranda IM – Addons – stopspam mod

Miranda IM – Addons – stopspam mod A handy mod for Miranda Instant Messenger to stop spam…

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