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Despotify & SqueezeServer

Why hasn’t someone come up with a plugin to link the SqueezeServer & Spotify? One way to do this would be with the opensource cross platform despotify project – unfortunately there are no perl bindings for it (it comes with … Continue reading

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Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard | Desktop | Gear

The Rii Mini Wireless Keyboard$92 is a mini wireless QWERTY keyboard with a big touchpad and laser pointer. It has 69 keys and featuring a LED backlit keyboard so you can use it easily in the dark. It has a … Continue reading

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Gabor hits Send: How to Replace IMAP

Good article from the founder of reMail (recently acquired by Google), I particularly like point #1: I would aim for a RESTful design with the following properties: 1. All communication over HTTP / HTTPS: Pure TCP connections are great, but … Continue reading

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Spam from Cerberus Networks

Just been sent a multicoloured html email from advertising their leased line services. Would you buy a leased line from a spammer? Me neither.

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