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Building Apache 2.2 with the worker mpm on linux

Make sure you do a buildconf first ./buildconf ./configure –with-mpm-worker && make

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Daily Mail with its finger on the pulse

Hitler had shocking table manners, gorged on cake and suffered flatulence, reveals never-before-seen profile | Mail Online Fascinating, so Hitler was a rude farter

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The Majesty of Colors

Ludus Novus » The Majesty of Colors Interesting Flash based game, reminds me of Another World.

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Plain Clip

Plain Clip – Carsten Blüm: Mac Development Plain Clip is a tiny Mac OS X application which will remove formatting from text which is on the clipboard. Similar to PureText on Windows.

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Postbox – new email client

Welcome to Postbox A new email client based on the mozilla framework for mac & windows (presumably linux to come) that has some very interesting media based ideas.

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Dinosaur t-shirt

 Dinosaurs are dino-mite

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Day Of The Dead cushion covers

twentysevenpalms Day of the Dead inspired cushion covers… at Spitalfields Market

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