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The Reminder – Feist

Just listening to the new album by Feist, “The Reminder”. I like it.

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Smash Mix 104

The Smash Mix! ยป Smash Mix 104 – Coachella (4-27-07)! – looks like a good mix, anything that has Young Folks (Beyond The Wizard Sleeve remix) can’t be all bad (although I did notice *spit* Placebo on there). Anyway, it’s … Continue reading

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The SEIKO Bell-Matic Page

The SEIKO Bell-Matic Page – for devotees of the Seiko range of watches whose alarm rang via little hammers pounding the case!

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Real Transformers

oh my word…

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Quite a lot of coincidences

Todd Goldman: Art Thief?

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All Seeing Eye is dead

IS ASE DEAD? Yes… an old game browser I actually paid for was bought by Yahoo, yahoo couldn’t be bothered to update it any more and it is slowly becoming more and more obsolete. For some reason Yahoo are still … Continue reading

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Meraki Mini | Meraki

Meraki Mini | Meraki Why is this little repeater so cool? Well, when one is connected to the Internet, other Meraki repeaters see it and relay the Internet signal. The more Minis that are out there, the bigger the network. … Continue reading

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Nikon | Universcale

Nikon | Universcale – cool flash representation of scale

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Free online balloon popping game

Free Online Flash Games – Bloons – Online Arcade Games –

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GCALDaemon – Calendar Syncing

GCALDaemon – Project Home GCALDaemon is an OS-independent Java program that offers two-way synchronization between Google Calendar and various iCalalendar compatible calendar applications. GCALDaemon is primarily designed as a calendar synchronizer but it can also be used as a Gmail … Continue reading

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