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Freeware version of Civilization and a freeware version of that underrated classic colonization.

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Miner Willy – the opera

For all of you that remember Manic Miner, this is sheer mentalism. (click the audio tab at the bottom to get the link to 3 mp3’s).

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J. River Media Center Problems on Vista

it took over without asking as the preferred application for viewing JPEGs, then didn’t work properly (you really really don’t a program that has a countdown-based evaluation mode to be the default JPEG viewer EVER). After I uninstalled it, notepad … Continue reading

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Top 100 singles of 2006

…according to Pitchfork anyway, I disagree with a lot of them (there’s a lot of sh*tty rap in there, including a song that butchers Junior Reid) but nice to see The Pipettes, Hot Chip, Voxtrot & “Kick Push” and “Young … Continue reading

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Warzone 2100

This was a pretty good RTS back in the day… anyone the source code was liberated and is continuing to be developed, so now you can get it all for free (and multiplatform too). In fact it’s even available as … Continue reading

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Cross platform jukebox software

Two ITunes / WMP competitors that run on Mac / Windows / Linux: Songbird – which is based on the mozilla engine Jajuk – which is java based Both seem pretty good

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ESPN Courts Female Viewers With World’s Emotionally Strongest Man Competition

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Ripping off other’s work

Dustsniper is / was ripping off an open-source project (JBidWatcher) and reselling it as his own on ebay. The developer had this to say: “If you have purchased a program calling itself ‘SnipeIt’ on eBay, by a seller ‘dustsniper’, you … Continue reading

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Karaoke in Farringdon

Karaoke in Farringdon at Ribon, never been but it looks cheap

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My favourite Firefox extensions

Download Statusbar SwitchProxy diggidig Adblock Plus DownThemAll Foxmarks

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