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Money Shot

Another threadless t-shirt I like, the gratuitous “money shot” They have a $10 sale on at the moment, and are adding new t-shirts every day in their Xmas promotion.

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I’m seeing stars

Oooh, Sega may not be making games consoles any more, but they’ve upgraded their home planetarium to a version 3 times as bright! I want one, they’re currently going for about £200 on eBay UK. The linked shop also has … Continue reading

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GimmeSomeTune – an iTunes plugin that looks good

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Unlucky suckers

YouTube – Bollards

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Pillow fight from threadless

A reprinted t-shirt from threadless I’m keen on, Pillow Fight ($10 at the moment as well): (I also like Needful Things).

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Anyone in the mood for some yacht rock?

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LateNightTales – Air

Looks like Michael Murphy has really missed the point of this compilation by Air… I strongly recommend it myself.

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Facing The World

Justgiving – My New Face Documentary Facing the World was founded to help children with severe facial disfigurements who are unable to access the surgery that they need in their own countries. Please think of donating some money to them … Continue reading

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Nerdy Shirts

Yep…. they’re nerdy.

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Thrust remake

Thrust remake looks pretty and another one: Gravitron

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