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Finger on Pulse

Good to see Q Magazine has its finger right on the pulse of cutting edge music.

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As FreeDB has changed somewhat lately and currently has no web access to their database, is providing this.

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SwitchProxy for Firefox 2

Switchproxy is one of my favourite firefox extensions. Unfortunately it hasn’t been updated for firefox 2. It works though – just a version check, and someone has hacked the installer. I’ve put a local mirrored copy here. Update: I wish … Continue reading

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How to Make Homemade Fish Fingers

Videojug is a youtube style website with video tutorials on cooking… handy!

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The Emperor’s New Clones

TheForce.Net – Fan Films – TFN FanFilms | Short Films | The Emperor’s New Clones – a full-length fan created star wars spoof.

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The Red Carpet

A nice animation on youtube:

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80s arcade ring tones

From Empire of the Claw

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Another blog post on a World of Warcraft addict quitting. I like this comment: “I have been in the MMO world for about 2 years now and I have seen many cases like yours. I can’t really see how it … Continue reading

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YARV is Virtual Machine for Programming Language Ruby. The goal of this project is only one, to develop the fastest Virtual Machine for Ruby in the world. The developer of this project is SASADA Koichi (ko1 at atdot dot net).

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I hope this is irony

A night in watching these would be pure agony.

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