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Toilet Graffiti

Flickr search for Toilet Graffiti

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This is the next replacement for your old Cobalt RaQ series servers. This software is designed to run on all newer server platforms. CentOS is based off of RH Enterprise, and Blue Quartz is based off of the Open Source … Continue reading

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Open-source browser based VPN: SSLExplorer.

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Stock spams getting you down?

If you are receiving these new stock spam emails where the body of the email is sent in an attached image, which makes it rather difficult for SpamAssassin to parse, here is a new SpamAssassin plugin which may help. Note … Continue reading

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Super Grub Disk

Super Grub Disk is a bootable floppy or CDROM that is oriented towards system rescue, specifically for repairing the booting process. Super Grub Disk is simply a Grub Disk with a lot of useful menus. It can activate partitions, boot … Continue reading

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TuneTribe, an iTunes style store affiliated to the superb… offers music downloads in MP3 format.

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You may know that I am a fan of wireless non-PC devices (I am the proud owner of a squeezebox). Well this new device called a chumby looks interesting, especially if it makes the projected price point of $150. Imagine … Continue reading

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MOC – Music on Console

MOC is a linux command line mp3 player… think mpg321 combined with Midnight Commander

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Wheel ‘O Yum

The Wheel ‘O Yum is a program to assist in deciding where to eat. All too often, excess time is spent among groups trying to decide. The Wheel ‘O Yum allows people to vote on their favorite restaurants and spin … Continue reading

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