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CoverFlow… allows you to browse your albums complete with beautiful artwork pulled from any sources it can find, whether that’s buried in your song tags, collected via Synergy, or looked up on Amazon.

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iPodDisk isn’t a tool that copies songs from iPods; instead, it enables other applications to do so by emulating an iDisk drive. After it starts, iPodDisk automatically opens a Finder window. However, what I really want is something that runs … Continue reading

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Can’t believe I’d never heard of this before: Biota looks like it will be an amazing aquarium / conservation centre built in East London.

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Received a lovely spam today from

“Dear Fellow Entreprenuer, I’ve Got Loads of it and You Want it Too… Don’t You? I am the Undisputed King of Cash… $$$s, £££s and Euros, I’ve Got it All When I walk in a room people ask “what’s that … Continue reading

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Evolution of Dance

YouTube – Evolution of Dance – I know the world and his dog has seen this by now but I’m linking to it anyway.

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Sensible Soccer 2006

Ahhhh…. the golden days of the Amiga A500: this looks awesome (it was never as good as Kick Off 2, mind). You can pre-order it from from (PS2) (PC) (Xbox) or from

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Hello. My name is Amir Massoud Tofangsazan and i live in Barnet. I’m 19 but pretend to be a lot older and like to pretend that I’m a big businessman when I’m not actually that clever.

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Google Calendar / Outlook / PDAs

Google Calendar is wonderful, but it desperately needs a 2-way sync with Microsoft Outlook (as Yahoo Calendar has). I only use Outlook to sync with my PocketPC… which is a more handy calendar device than Google Calendar – who has … Continue reading

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The new Singstars come thick and fast

News – SingStar Anthems announced // PlayStation 2 /// Eurogamer Women and gay people of the world rejoice – Sony is planning to release a new instalment in the SingStar series that’s specially for you.SingStar Anthems features 20 music videos … Continue reading

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Bang Gang Podcast

Mp3 mix downloads from “Bang Gang” – similar style to 2 Many DJs.

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