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You should know ahead of time that this is email is as personal as possible considering how many are receiving it. So if you hate these things, just delete it and rest assured you’ll never receive another one like this. I’m just trying to cast as wide a net as possible to find the best Perl developers out there. Lucky for you that you’re a CPAN devotee…

So please don’t hate me because I’m a recruiter – all I ask is that you accept me because I do so for a great, growing company whose codebase is object-oriented Perl and where CPAN modules are heavily incorporated into our development efforts. And if it helps, I’m also an engineer who has coded in start-ups, turnarounds, and high growth companies – sure it was LISP, Prolog, and C but who’s keeping score?

I work for GridApp Systems and we’re looking to hire several great Perl developers – senior and mid-level – to work for us in New York City in an exceptionally developer friendly environment where code is king. You may be interested or you may know of someone who is. We’ll even relocate from most anywhere and sponsor too.

Look if nothing else, we should stay in touch – you never know what the future holds in Perl, right?

That’s about it. If you can help me, great; if you want me to go away, never to email you again, just let me know. Either way, remember the sage words of Larry Wall who said,

“What is the sound of Perl? Is it not the sound of a wall that people have stopped banging their heads against?”

GridApp believes…

Steve Levy

Looks like this bloke has been hitting multiple mailing lists, CPAN, etc – no thanks.

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