PC Specialist Review

I recently got a new gaming PC from PC Specialist.

The Good:

  • The machine is very quick and well put together. They allow you to heavily customize your build.
  • PC Specialist offer a long guarantee and are a well established company.
  • Pricing is reasonable.

The Bad:

  • As the builds are customized, they take a long time. Ordered 13th May, arrived 3rd June. They keep you well informed though.
  • The order form allows you to order without hard drive (I already had one). About 10 days in I was told I had to order one and the form was broken.
  • A free copy of the Witcher 3 was heavily promoted on the site and included in my order details. When I got my PC no free copy. I had to ask to discover “sorry, that promotions’s not running any more”. No gesture for any other sort of compensation either.
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