Easily.co.uk / Netbenefit emails smell like spam

Easily.co.uk expiry emails have changed and look suspicious to spamassassin. One thing they should do is send a plain text version via MIME. Sensitive spam detectors may put these emails in a Junk folder, and domain expiries could be missed (another reason to monitor your domain expiry with nagios).

    *  2.1 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_12 BODY: HTML: images with 800-1200 bytes of words
    *  1.5 MIME_HTML_ONLY BODY: Message only has text/html MIME parts
    * -0.5 BAYES_05 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 1 to 5%
    *      [score: 0.0139]
    *  0.7 MIME_HEADER_CTYPE_ONLY 'Content-Type' found without required MIME
    *      headers
    *  2.4 T_REMOTE_IMAGE Message contains an external image
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