Using Center Parcs wifi with Amazon Fire Stick / TV

Trying to use the Center Parcs wifi with an Amazon Fire Stick doesn’t work out of the box, it prompts you for a login page that disappears.

I got this to work but it is not easy. The way these login pages work is they register your MAC address (your wifi card has a unique ID known as a MAC address). If you have a linux laptop (& maybe Mac / Windows but you would change your MAC address in a different way if possible) you can clone the MAC address, log in with your laptop and this opens up the connection for your Fire TV.

Here’s how I did it:

  1. Get your Fire Stick MAC address & turn off Fire Stick
  2. Install macchanger on your linux machine
  3. Stop networking on your linux machine
  4. As a precaution note Linux wifi MAC address
  5. Temporarily change your wifi interface MAC address to match the firestick
  6. Start networking & connect to Center Parcs wifi.
  7. Click through login screen & try browsing
  8. Reboot / Shutdown linux machine to reset MAC
  9. Power up Fire Stick & connect to Center Parcs wifi
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Top 100 Dungeon Crawlers

Here. Obviously Dungeon Master should be #1

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Turing Tumble

I like the look of this educational programming game: Turing Tumble.

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Lunark on Kickstarter looks nice

reminds me of “Another World”
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George Allan (footballer, born 1875)

Random wikipedia search of the day (while I was actually looking for the programmer of Zool).

41 goals in 49 games in his first stay at Liverpool. Died aged 24 of TB.

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Track if your train journey is late

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Getting “Failed to create FBO” for magnum opus on Linux?

If you’re using the proprietary Nvidia Linux drivers, try upgrading them to v390+

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Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller is a handheld keyboard and touchpad – Liliputing

This wireless keyboard looks great – they whole keyboard is a touchpad.

Source: Lenovo 500 Multimedia Controller is a handheld keyboard and touchpad – Liliputing

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KB3185330 Windows 7 Update failing

October 2016 security monthly quality rollup for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

If KB3185330  is failing to install and keeps getting rolled back, chances are your machine is dual-booting Linux and uses GRUB as a bootloader.

Only way I could get the patch to install was to directly boot from my windows drive (F12 at boot to select drive) – I have Linux & bootloader installed on a separate drive.

If the bootloader is on the windows drive I can’t see any other fix than to wipe it, apply update & restore bootloader (tools that may help).

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Currently installed thunderbird extensions

For a dark look install the “TT Deepdark” theme (also change the text/background in Options->Display):

thunderbird extensions

Also why isn’t there an ability to export/import your config, including loaded extensions?

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