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Threadless - Nude No More
my favourite t-shirt company, new designs weekly

The ultimate online cool t-shirt shop guide

If you have a t-shirt store, contact me and I'll consider including it.

Note that this page has now moved to HERE - all new content will be posted here.

The best of threadless (on my new blog FancyDan) - new designs every week or two, regular $10 sales and great customer service.

101 T-shirts is a UK online store with some great TV & movie related designs (I like the Roland from Grange Hill one and the Fonzie one).

JunkFunk is a new store with some nice designs (I like "dreamer"). has a great smiths related shirt

Bob Donut & Bird - funny t-shirts like Space Hopper

The World Chico - football related t-shirts

Bright punky t-shirts for boys and girls from CX London

Trendy graphic design: FourXFour

Trendy Japanese: BeamsT

The ubiquitous eBay: .com

Gaming: LoadRage

Gaming: BoogieDown

Comic book: Wicked Cool Stuff

Football: Culprits

Football: Football365

Misc. TV Shows: EMerchandise

UK TV: VinMag

Gaming: Game-Skins

Trendy Graphic Design: Giant Robot

Trendy Graphic Design: Candy Sticker

Misc (inc. Giorgio Moroder t-shirt!): Sparratease

More trendy graphic design: Karmaloop

Ebay Sellers: Choch (Cool Retro)

"Superstore": More T Vicar

Trendy Labels: Retail Junky

The best! Urban Outfitters @ but they don't ship to the UK!

SweatyFrog (US) Danger (UK) has some nice custom-style designs. I like "Grrr Danger".

AirSide shop - has a freaky t-shirt based on "The Ring"

Otoko - nice Marshall Artist shirts, crap flash based website.

egg74 - like the "sackrace" one


80stees - from the eighties

Cune Japan - rather freaky


Yellow Rat Bastard - Hip-hop influenced

The Giant Peach - more 2K, graphic design shirts

Squat Orange - original shirts. I like "watch out for hungry bears"

Street Shirts - mange tout, mange tout.

Teemarto - I like the Adam Ant t-shirt

As Seen On Screen - "monkey magic" & "jesus is my homeboy"

Split Reason - geek shirts.

Piccadilly Records - love the Quincy Jones Thriller t-shirt

Pixel Tees - draw and sell your own pixellated t-shirts - I like boo

Threadless - 80s child is nice... - rather rude, but rather funny

CottonFactory - urban outfitters style, I like "please don't eat me"


PABS - more football t-shirts

DJTees - band t-shirts, Led Zeppelin, Bolan, etc

The Peoples Bureau - freaky japanese t-shirts

Hanon - haven't seen some of these before... not really my thing

Joystick Junkies - more gaming t-shirts, I like Retro Invaders

Fatmeat - I like Mr T

Vintage Edge - vintagey, urban outfitters style - quite like this lion

Lets Make T-shirts - interactive t-shirt ordering from Rude

Cool Tee Corp - various makes (chunk, David & Goliath, etc) - I like "The Dukes of Essex"

Jabba-Wocky a nice selection including a couple of Hasselhoff t-shirts

mandabil - customize your t-shirt

ZeroBoutique - nice graphic design and some dodgier ones...

Spunky UK - a nice new to me UK store with some unique designs

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